Who even am I?

I am a queer femme, self-proclaimed fried potato connoisseur, house plant mom, and public health professional. I’m 31 years young and forever getting carded. On a typical day you can catch me overthinking, telling my dog she’s a model, and binge watching crime dramas. I excel at oversharing and spilling cheese dip. I would describe my aesthetic as a slutty Miss Frizzle with Better Davis eyes and Greta Garbo sighs. Suspended somewhere between being perpetually quixotic and tragically melancholy. I am an infinity of contradictions that I’ve been told is infuriating and intoxicating.

Welcome to the shit show.

likes include: coffee, shitty dance movies, sad girls, and kale

dislikes include: writing bios, shrimp, and pumping gas

hates include: all the isms beginning with capitalism

This Site


A place rest all my dating debauchery and queer girl angst.

Books + Art

What and who I am reading.

Vegan Eats

Plant-based cooking for newbies.


Public Health

Ramblings and rants of a public health professional trapped in a capitalist world.

House Plants

Adventures of turning my apartment into a jungle one plant at a time.

Junk Drawer

A place to rest all the crap that doesn’t quite fit anywhere else. Categories, shmatagories.

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